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The world of camping. Usually, people look at camping in one of two ways. They get super excited for a little out-of-the-house adventure, or they shake their heads with dread at the upcoming trip. Camping has evolved a lot over the years, and luxury RV resorts are one of the best ways to still camp, but without missing any of the amenities you love from home. Here is a quick and simple guide to choosing the best luxury RV resort for your trip: 

Location, location, location 

Finding the perfect location for your camping trip might be the single biggest factor in choosing an RV resort. Do you want to be on the water? Is there a sandy beach close by? How far from town is too far? 

When determining the location of your next trip, think about what you want to be doing while on vacation. If you want to camp and go boating, choose a resort with a neighboring marina. If you would rather be lounging on the beach, go for an RV resort with waterfront access. 


Luxury RV resorts are the best choice for amenities. Often times you can find cable hookups, private docks, huts and shacks for your use. Taking it a step further, some RV resorts even have pool or spa access, concierge services, a gift shop and even more. Determine what activates you want to do while on your camping trip to find a resort with the best amenities for you. 

In Florida, it is not uncommon to find a luxury RV resort that offers equipment rentals. Choose between powered water sport activities or land-based fun and see if the RV resort you want to stay at can set you up with activities directly or find a place with discounts to take advantage of. 

Unique Lots 

Having a great lot to set up for your stay is important for finding the best luxury RV resort for you. Lots of cable hookups are necessary but think further than that. Many resorts have existing picnic tables or even grills on all sites. When you choose your ideal lot, you could also get lucky with a view! 

There is more to RVing than just camping. Have you ever heard the saying “it’s not all about the destination, but the experience of getting there?” Although this can be true, it doesn’t always apply when it comes to RV resorts. The romance of a luxury vacation is available for the RV enthusiast, not all resorts are made the same. If you are looking to plan your next RV trip, check out Causeway Cove Marina and their Luxury RV Resort. Call 772-242-3552 to schedule your camping adventure today!