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If you’re in the market for marinas in Florida, there are a lot of variables to consider and many locations from which to choose. The state has more than 2,200 miles of shoreline, 1,000s of marinas, and more than one million boats registered there. Here are five qualities you should look for in a marina that you may have not considered.

1. Access

Marina access is an important quality to look for in a home for your boat. The quickest way from the highway to the access point in the water is usually ideal. Is the marina you’re considering close to a major interstate for ease of access? Are there businesses in the area that you can easily access if you need them? These are two things you should also consider when looking at access to the marina.  

2. Convenience

Some marinas are extremely large, and navigating them from the parking lot can be cumbersome. Are the slips available at the marina you’re considering convenient to parking? Are other amenities available? You’ll also want to be sure that the marina location is convenient to other waterways that you plan to explore, and that boat fuel and other necessary supplies are all within reach of your location. 

3. Amenities

Some marinas offer covered slips that protect your marine investment from direct and harsh UV sunlight. Many marinas also offer fuel and other businesses that help to support boating activities and make boating an enjoyable activity. Restaurants and bars are also fun amenities that draw renters, offering a place where they can unwind and get a bite to eat after a long day on the water. 

4. Operating Times

When considering which marinas in Florida are the best for your boat, you might also check out the operating times of the boat launches and marina businesses. Boat launches do close in some situations, allowing only certain traffic in and out of the water, or closing to traffic all together. Businesses in the area might also have unusual operating hours based on the flow of traffic through the marina, and it’s important to pair these operating hours with your boating plans.  

5. Protection and Controlled Exposure

When mooring your boat in a marina, you’re trusting the facility to protect your vessel to the best of their ability from acts of nature, vandals, thieves, and other unfortunate circumstances. When it comes to choosing a marina, it’s important to consider how each facility achieves this. It’s important to know if they limit access by people that don’t have a boat of their own in the marina, or if they have security measures in place to protect the vessels on their property.