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Are you looking for a safe, secure location to store your boat or RV in Florida?  Having a trusted place to store your home on wheels and your prized vessel is the peace of mind you need. There are many great reasons for storing your toys, here is a guide for finding the best RV or boat storage near you: 

Free Space 

RVs and boats come in a wide range of sizes, varying from 5th wheels to motorhomes and 17’ to 40’ trailers. The largest Class A motorhome can average between 25 and 40 feet long, and off-shore fishing boats, as well as sporting boats and cruisers, can get up to 30 feet long. The large size of campers and boats can easily take up an entire driveway or cause storage problems at home. Using a boat or RV storage allows you to take back some of your space. 


In can be dangerous to leave an RV or boat in front of your house or at an unsupervised location. They are often magnets for theft or vandalism. Using boat and RV storage near you can provide added security for your camper or vessel. Storage specific facilities often have high fences, gated access and video surveillance. 

Convenient Location 

With so many options for storage facilities spread across Florida, finding a convenient location near you for your boat and RV storage is important. Utilizing a storage option that allows you to keep your vessel on the water, such as a wet-slip, or at least within close proximity can make a day on the boat even more fun and convenient. Also, finding an RV storage site that has access to RV campsites is an added bonus. If you are seeking a safe and secure place to store your boat or RV look no further than Causeway Cove Marina. Coupled with a luxury RV resort and state-of-the-art wet-slips and mooring buoys, Causeway Cove Marina is your ideal choice for fun, boat and RV storage. Call today to get your toys squared away – (772) 242-3552.